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IT Gateway is the most prominent firm that develops the finest CMS website often required by its esteemed clients. Our ‘Content Management System’ fairly and accurately permits you to regulate and manage each content minus any technicality. Our CMS web sites will let you do edit, delete or add text and images at your own will. You don’t need a professional to do it for you and that’s why it’s cost effective too.


Visual Editor

It is the editor that edits programs being displayed at your web site where text can be edited for an outstanding response. We offer the best visual editors to add delete and edit your stuff.

  • Editation or Assemble
  • Eliminate or Delete
  • Alter or Modify

Admin Management

It is the platform for management of an organization with apt design. It also includes-

  • Dignified managerial structure,
  • Flawless partition of work,
  • Allocation of authority

Managers are authorized in their specific area of responsibility.


Customer Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) states regarding technologies, strategies and practices which establishments apply to cope record and estimate consumer exchanges in order to motivate sales growth through excellent relations with diverse clienteles.

  • Accessible
  • Flexible
  • Management of sales

Analytics & Stats

At IT Gateway we offer you services for your web analysis and statistics. It shows how much traffic is visiting your web site and the clear statistics of how many people getting into your website to read your content look at your product and so on.

  • Easy analysis
  • Flawless web statistics

SEO Friendly Website

Having a website is not a great thing, but having a SEO or search engine friendly website is more imperative. The better ranking a web site has the better business you do.

  • High-ranking
  • Elite position in fraternity
  • More business

Social Media Integration

Reaching out to diverse people via diverse media facility is often required by websites. For example popular social media’s like LinkedIn, Google +, twitter, face book, etc.

  • Free marketing
  • Greater results
  • Access to diverse clients globally

Digital Media Management

A website often requires this service, where management of its digital platforms can be done to obtain maximum results.

  • Creative effects
  • Adaptive measures


Creating a web site more like your own way needs expertise and IT Gateway simply offers that.

  • Novel creation
  • Outstanding presence

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